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If you learn,you will crack it open, If you get a pin,in time prick it open, Open your studies to a  dream . If you seek,you will find, If you need frenzy,you will see a friend, When in need of some. If you look in the mirror,you will see the book, If you hook a hanger,you will feel like a crook, A crook lost a way home. If you feel the day,time will bring it, If you doubt,you will search for light, The light that brings out a worm. If you dream,you will expand horizon , If you scream,you will end an agony, An end to dignify freedom. If you watch,you will understand, If you switch,you will see a change, A change to mark your name. If you wander ,you will experience new, If you wonder,your mind is new, A mind that makes you warm. If you stop,it's not the end, If you drop,it's a step from down, A step to  follow your dream . If you die today,you will live forever, If you fail today,you will learn forever, A lesson will endure the taste of time. If you atempt,you will trust your
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Imagining of a boy and a girl in school uniforms.As they try to catch-up with lessons everyday with a hope of a wonderful career. It's the dreamer's reality in the daily routine to reach up modern world standards of life. Modern life is highly influenced by what's recommended and provided by public education system s.Most of us spent our early years of our lives going to school,studying and learning preparing ourselves for the future days of our lives in the highly competitive job market.It is the same trend to today's generation and generations to come.The best schools in  the best education systems are highly likely to cater for the demands in the modern job market.While the less developed educational systems in the poor communities and countries of the world give very little to changes required to meet needs of modern life and it's realities.As they are characterised with walking long distance to attend lessons, Starving,Poor learning and teaching conditions as w


Life is delicate.Our future is destined to success through odds,patience, hard work,and endurance.A balance between weakness and strength proves worth an effort. To each and every individual person a certain giftness to ones life proves weakeness in other spheres of life.This is a reason why we're naturally designed to need others,share,care and problem solving to improving each other. Nevertheless,  human limitations is a driving force to technological innovations .We imagine and create new invention that are likely to bridge the gape between human limitations and imperfections by discovering and deploying new technologies such as useful tools, devices,machines and robots.Through technological  advancement we can explore new adventures and make the impossible becoming possible reality.On top of that,empowering children, youths and women has been a daily struggle to giving opportunities to these groups of people.To any society the basis of development,freedom and a prosperous futur


It's the sun that shines through the day.The day when a human being sweats,shading water and mineral salts that nourish ones life.The water and mineral salts,a human being will work for.Waiting for the rain,to till the land,feed well the cattles and fish again in the rivers,lakes and oceans of the earth. Moreover,to humans it's like a seasonal as well as a tireless daily termite's work around a cycle of nutrients.Breaking down wooden matter, mixing it up with soil to enrich and nourish the plants. Food stuff  packed with minerals,proteins, carbohydrates,fats and vitamins.These are the nutrients our bodies need for growth,repair,energy,reproduction and immunity strengthening so as to fight against diseases.Navigation from one process of life to another needs cellular respiration and other critical process which produces energy and non essential proteins our bodies need. Gaining energy and nutrients may take a process from critical nutrients flow , essential nutrients to cel


Reading more of the sunlight, Come pass dark stains , Count on duck interest, Lead a way to where it drains. Eyes never stop to wonder, Life is a time of precious gains, Sparkling stones know no order, Stumbling great and vulgar minds. Who fears darkness suffers beauty, Hangover blow to mindfulness, Hands on claws of light, Who cares  sees in time fullness. Craving to have it all, Much spoils taste, Much soil is gone, Walking near a pitfall. Sleeping  at the call, A mind call to action, Resisting is slow, A year eats a second. An ego in a gold drive, Chained in need for more, A vulture to eat like a dove, A dove to fly like an eagle. Adding salt to sour, When the night is still young, When the blood is pure, Pure when the day is young. Is of an abstract kingdom , Wishing to belong where I don't, Is of a living kingdom, Regretting and wronging. Purging that long scent, It's an act of freedom, Healing unending pant, A path of pain is true freedom. Reading again the days of life,


It's the power of being social when you feel elevated and charming.Sometimes sadly low and down.Talking to somebody via a cell phone,chatting through social media,playing with  friends. It is all about being social. Think of the moments when you are eating breakfast,lunch, dinner or supper with your family and friends.Going out during weekends to a social gathering brought about by a sports or a music event.Everything seems to be in place orderly organized,b ut unpredictability of this life makes it uncertain. We live in the universe of interlinked systems that involve things and elements of different kinds.The systems allow us to be social as individual animals and humans.Animals and other life species including humans are both social individuals and cosmopolitans .Being social involves communication.Communication in animals is the  centre piece of social interaction among individuals in the animal world.Think of the group of insects you pass along the way.Again think about prima


Seeing hearing windows, Sensation to the heart, You know how it feels, Fondness over hate. Foreseeable in times, A hope in compassion, The heart blooms flowers, Flowers enlighten the mind. Believing casts fears, Knowledge dries a yowl, Perfection takes practice, Testing facts to jolly. Caring touches the heart, When an illusion's precious, Heart's hardened cold, Melting with loving hopes. On one hand hating, A secret to the heart, On the other hand loving, A power to the heart. Mind heart in pieces, Demanding and nagging, Better unshared moments, Bitter sweet experiencing. Fantasy in heydays, Cherishing and assuring, Amassing broken pieces, Mind's heart coordinating. The heart off shrugs, What's believing's loving , Windows open doors. Mind's new page starting. Read a related poem A CHARM OF LOVE FROM NATURE