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Many people figure out on how they can boost their immune systems.

The immune system relies on a complex integration of various cells,organs,proteins and tissues which work together to recognize and neutralise pathogens.

The immune system is not designed to be boosted, however there are many
nutrients,vitamins,and minerals that are required to support the normal functioning of the immune system.

1.Vitamin D.

Helps healthy development of bones,joints and muscles.
It has been found to adapt our immune responses and that a deficiency in it can cause autoimmune conditions and lead to infections.
Vitamin D is primarily made from a reaction of the sun on the skin.Some foods such as oily fish,egg yolk,meat contain vitamin D in small amounts.

2.Zinc and Vitamin Bs complex and also Folic acid as well as Vitamin C.

Zinc,Vitamin Bs complex and Folic acid sources are green leafy vegetables,fruits,nuts,beans,sea foods,eggs,meat and whole cereal grains.
Vitamin C source is fruits like
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When living,we experience moments of joy and troubles. The troubles are problems we experience,are the results of not solving problems posed and triggered by life. Problems need human attention so as to gain strength against them.
Truly nature works on it's own.Always nature finds a way to solving the problems without human intervention. "Problems are not stop signs,they are guidelines".Robert Schuller

As we live we need to define,study and find solutions to the problems we face in our daily lives.One of the most famous scientists said this about life ,arts and science:
"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.It is the source of all true art and science."Albert Einstein 
Being a living thing gives a chance to exist and explore and tame the environment to make it friendly for survival and prosperity.
Problem solving is inspired by Intelligence and imagination as well as understanding natural laws and existence of life as a whole.
Human exist…


Do you value yourself?
Valuing yourself and life in general is motivating yourself.It is a closer step to discovering meaning and purpose in life.

"The more we value things,the less we value our lives".Bruce Lee

You are the motivation.
Just value your life,believe in yourself ,take control of your life and express yourself truly and efficiently as a human being.

Everyone has the potential to be successful.You are in the reach of that possibility of success.

The Eagle-Hawk is the master of the sky,gone against many odds to become the master of it's own.

Like an Eagle-Hawk,you have the potential to endure many obstacles to grow to become the master King or Queen of your own life.

Control the possibility of success and stand a chance to shine like a 🌟 star.

The hero,the 🌟 star is triggered by experience and adventure as one journeys to success.

Ordinary life experience makes an extraordinary person.
"You have to get out of your comfort zone,try different things,overcome …


A unique gift that allows us to experience life differently is teaching and learning.Being a parent,a teacher and a leader, life offers you a chance to experience and see life as a learner and a teacher at the same time.
When you ask me who was my first teacher; Parents are definitely my first teachers.They taught me my first language,how to take care of myself and so on.

Mom and Daddy could see  me grow up from childhood to adulthood.Like to anyone else, they're our first teachers.

Fathers and  Mothers learn a lot about their children as they grow.
Then I found my learning in a school of my own, the world is a school where  I teach myself and others and it's where I could get my lessons. Being teachers and learners at the same time,we can grow and change  our life perspectives.
You're a Mom to children,you are a teacher.
You are a Father to children,you are a teacher.
You are a leader,You are a teacher to your people.
Children,people, students and the society need you to expe…