Just imagine,a team without a coach,a society without a leader and so on.Is it possible to achieve the impossible without leadership and precisely good communication skills?Communication is a nature of humans as it's to other living things.To achieve the desired,the possible  and the  impossible as a group,communication should be precise and effective.
We need cohesive societies and achieved goals in our journey towards realizing our dreams and better future.This is possible when we have good and successful leadership.
Number is the key when the size is small and the space is larger.For numbers to act as a single unit in a larger space,linkage and communication is the key. Looking around nature,you will find a wonderful form of cohesive communities in form of colonies in an insect world. See the 🐝 bees, termites, 🐜 ants and so on.
These tiny individuals are able to achieve the impossible because they're united through chemical,body and sound communication.
Leading people is n…


It's an undeniable fact that hard work may take us to an imagined success and fame.We may become stars and claim an admirable place in the eyes of the community and even the world.As we ascend to the top, eventually becoming the best among the great by doing the best and achieving the best.But always we forget the price of being the greatest and the best.

That goes up eventually comes down.
Having an interest in fame comes with it's price.It may cost nothing to become a star and sometimes it takes a lot of energy and efforts to become the best among the stars.Not only much effort is required to maintaining the status of being the brightest star but also improving ones attitude towards a new level of life.On the other hand self awareness,determination and positivity at every level of life is very important as it helps to cool down so as to keep up with the right pace as we journey through life.In addition,choices we make lead to results which may be good or bad.While on top of fa…


Sitting with a hand on one of the cheeks,mind traveling within the deepest part of my consciousness relatively feeling new to this world and it's reality. Blurbing on time's book pages,my mind is too little to comprehend and handle such a massive amount of information until I travel through time and records to get a glimpse of what I am in the current history and nature of reality.

Adventuring through darkness searching for the light is a quest for quenching a desire for knowledge away from the current existence of the truth and reality.
Seeing the past, present and the future  is possible through time travel.
A lot of things happened in the past, it's hard to bear witness,until when you manage to access a handful piece of information prevailing giving a clue to what is new and old as well as the coming.
Talking to my inner person asking many questions.How do I affirm the memories worth consciousness possible traveling in time and see what's in the records?
I need to know …


Somewhere in the universe,in a tiny lone heart.Kindling eyes with a sixth sense of light from above the  stars twinkle even brighter.Feels and sees that beauty in imaginations warm the  heart with a kiss of light from flying colours of a sparkling ruby stone.Catching eyes with beautiful colour and fragrance,visiting in the heart and eyes in seconds,on the mind a forever soothing touch. Encountering a beautiful flower in the wild,tempting vision contributes to mysterious curiosity.Letting that rumbling voice in the brightest cloudy kindling fire in an unknown heart in no time in a flash of a second.Then, the colourful days and nights during summer warming the hearts, moving the minds back to a tiny world of lovers sharing sentimental seconds of sensational feelings streaming from the two fountains.And in the city in this tiny world of lovers it's a big world of rhythmic beats tempting the hearts, overwhelming the power of minds, tripping into an ocean of affection and commitments.A …


Living life in today's world is challenging;from illnesses, disparities to dispair and premature deaths. Our lives are determined by chance,when a chance is good we call it luck and when it's bad we call it bad luck.Like a flower,life blooms and withers away.

Living longer is a matter of luck and manipulating chances to probabilities between life and death.
Life expectancy is a measure of premature death and it shows large differences in health across the world. However,today many people in the world can expect to live as long as those in the richest countries in 1950s.
The United Nations estimate global average life longevity of 72.6 years by 2030.
Death is an unpredictable force of nature.Life and death is naturally governed by chance.The older we get higher the chance of dieing.The longer we live,the longer we can expect to live. Life expectancy may be affected by type of a Job,Gender,Age,and Lifestyle, Gene,Environment as well as Health care and also Insurance.

1.The kind of…